PSD 1: First Contact

Panel: Ray Underwood

Block Number: 4161

Description and Response:

The Panel feels rough to the touch, similar to the texture of sandpaper but smoother. The panel’s base is painted with vibrant colors- the scene displayed is of nature. The painting uses a dark violet to represent clouds at the very top of the panel. There is a mix of light and dark at the bottom of the clouds on the right side, going from violet to a light pink. Below the clouds the sky is sky blue with with a few lavender clouds scattered at the sides. The clouds on the right have a pinker tone than those on the left.  Through the clouds on the right the illusion of a sun peers through. The use of a light yellow paint acts as a light source. Rays of sunlight illuminate a mountain below. On the mountain is a poem. Behind the mountain are several darker mountains that appear to be in the background. The mountain is on fields of green valleys. A lake is in the foreground a teal color. There are no ripples or movement in the water, just solid color. At the bottom of the panel is an array of images and texts. There are images of angels, and plants, and several of Ray Underwood. The quilt includes poems Ray Underwood wrote as well as an excerpt from Emily Dickinson’s “To fight aloud is very brave.”

There is no denying this panel is breathtaking. The composition of this piece is both attention grabbing and very detailed. What I found interesting is how similar in style and theme Ray’s quilt was compared to that of the quilt beside it. The quilt beside Ray’s belonged to Billy DeAcutis, who’s panel was also a nature scene which included a mountain. Upon further investigation I learned Ray’s mother painted both Ray’s panel as well as Billy’s. I am interested to see what else I can learn about the connection between Billy and Ray.

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