PSD Activity 2


The background is solid black which  puts focus on the foreground. The image has texture. The appearance of faded cracks throughout the piece, appearance looks aged. There is a girl, pale pink undertone skin. Skin looks soft and smooth, no visible scars, marks or blemishes. Face look fresh and delicate, appears young. Light hits her face on the left giving her a light glow. Eyes are olive, light but dull. Lips vibrant and pink/reddish. There is a round earring in her ear. The item is round, large enough to cover her lobe, shiny and of a champagne color. Her hair is cover in a fabric, pale yellow and sky blue. colors are not vibrant and bright but soft and subdued. The clothing she wears is yellow , but looks to be made of a reflective material giving a green cast.



  • What inspired this picture?
  • What about this girl?
  • Why is the pearl significant?
  • I love that he left the background dark and plain.

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