Preliminary outline 2

Title: Lights, Camera, Action!

I. Introduction

A. Topic: Effect of AIDS on the performing arts community.
B. Thesis: Much like the Great Migration caused the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920’s, the AIDS epidemic caused an outburst of creativity and protest in the form of the performing arts.
C. Background Information on AIDS/HIV

II. Body 1

A. What was the AIDS epidemic?
1. Who did it effect?
2. How did society respond?
B. The AIDS Quilt
1. What is it?
2. Who Created it?

III. Body 2

A. Ray Underwood’s Panel
1. Poems
2. Panel
B. Billy De’Acutis Panel
1. Acting
2. Panel
C. How do they tie to AIDS effect on Performing arts?

IV. Body 3

A. Performing Arts context
1. Before 1970s
2. After 1970s

B. Art
1. Examples of protest
2. Examples of “AIDS ART”
C. Effect
1. How did society react to the art?
2. How is/has AIDS effected our society today
3. Influences?

V. Conclusion

A. Restate Thesis
B. Reiterate information
C. Tie all ideas together



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