The makeshift boat

For this assignment I was given very few instructions. First, find a partner. Secondly, don’t ask (Ms. Rose and Ms. A) any question. Lastly, use the materials and make something. Going into this assignment i was very confused, what was i suppose to make? was there a theme I was suppose to make it based on? My partner Kathy and I received our bag of materials. We were given yarn, two miniature red cups, a metal wire, a small wooden stick with a pointed end, an orange straw, two rubber tubes and a fuzzy weird twisted piece of string. Using these materials we made a misshapen boat. However the fuzzy string and one of the cups proved useless for our architecture. The lack of tape or glue limited what we could make, as there wasn’t anything to hold our structure together. So we decided to make something that would be able to hold itself together (wire, string).

Our boat using a red cup as a flag, an orange straw as a flagpole, two tubes and yarn as the base and wire to hold the foundation together.

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