Tyler Laney

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                                            Description The object I was given was very lightweight and small. It fit into my hand comfortable and was flexible. The object was made up of many beads of variously different shapes and […]

Introducing: The AIDS Memorial Quilt!

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The NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt was created in November 1985 by Cleve Jones, a gay right activist and outstanding leader. Jones was disheartened to realize over 1,000 people had lost their live to AIDS and decided they had to do something to honor and remember them. Cleve along with fellow marchers wrote the names […]

Material Culture

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While reading American Artifacts: Essays in material culture I stumbled upon the quote “All objects signify; some signify more than others.” (Haltman, 2). This quote really caught my attention because I had never thought of everyday objects as an aspect of my culture. According to Kenneth Haltman however, objects such as cellphones, blankets, clothing and […]

The Year:1968

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Recently I read an article called “50 Years ago In Photos: A Look Back At 1968” and it was quite the eye opener. I enjoyed this article immensely and I know this is partially due to the use of photos as a way of storytelling. Without this article I know I would not have realized just […]